3D Dot Game Heroes

3D Dot Game Heroes is an action role-playing video game for Play Station 3 platform. The game is developed using 2D classic retro-style graphics in a voxel-based 3D environment. The Japan version was published by FromSoftware in November 2009, and the International version was published by Atlus USA and SouthPeak Games for US and UK markets in May 2010.


Game can be purchased at: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/3d-dot-game-heroes-ps3/.

1. Saving Dotnia Kingdom:

Following our hero on a quest to rescue the Dotnia Kingdom of a dark plague caused by the forces of evil, your mission is to restore peace to the land. Legend tells of an evil king known as the Dark King Onyx who brought tragedy and darkness to the kingdom by stealing six magical orbs.

There was a hero battled against the Dark King and with his legendary sword as well as the power of the orbs, he sealed Onyx away within another orb. However, the forces of evil rose again as the Dark Bishop Fuelle stole the orb and threw the Kingdom of Dotnia into a state of chaos once more. And now, Dotnia requires a hero once more!


2. Gameplay and the controversy with “The Legend of Zelda”:

From the beginning, there was a controversial phrase like "Zelda for PlayStation 3" on 3D Dot Game Heroes raised among gamers but this is not true at all. It should be pretty clear that The Legend of Zelda is the inspiration for 3D Dot's style, structure and appearance.

In game, players move characters from screen to screen exploring dungeons, battling enemies, collecting items and solving puzzles. When the player's health bar is full, the player's sword will grow to tremendous sizes whenever swung. Swords in-game can be customized and leveled up, same as magical power, other special items that can also be used include boomerangs, lanterns, bows, etc.

Need to be clear that 3D Dot Game Heroes doesn’t try to be a competitor of “The Legend of Zelda”. It wears its heart for Zelda, and other retro games on its sleeve, as a perfect combination.

3D Dot Game Heroes combines the awesome style of classic games with the conveniences of modern gaming. For example: a save-anytime system, fast travel and a decent translation are things we take for granted. When these elements are applied to retro games it has never been felt so good.

While applying classic solutions works for the first few dungeons such as pushing blocks, killing all the enemies, solving puzzles, etc. later dungeons are more confusing and crammed with foes. The boss fights aren't exactly creative, but they are never pushovers, and you should plan to always keep your heath bar up all the time.

Between dungeons, you are free to explore the world of Dotnia, completing side quests and seeking out collectibles.

The soundtrack contains catchy 8-bit tunes augmented by synthesized instrumentation. There is even a Character creation tool for you to create your own character, you can trade designs with friends by saving them to a thumb drive.

You can finish this game within 20 hours fully exploring 3D Dot Game Heroes or zip through the seven dungeons in less than half that. Once completed the game, you can start a New Game + (or "second quest"), all of your Small Blocks, money and a few other items will be allowed to carry over into the next game.

Summary/ Verdict:

3D Dot Game Heroes is simply amazing and (as stated on the back cover) indeed is a love letter to retro gaming! It offers a long story mode, really challenging boss battles and a lot of humor! According to Famitsu magazine, 3D Dot Game Heroes sold 17,300 units in Japan by the end of 2009; and Atlus USA reported in October 2010 that 3D Dot Game Heroes sold 160,000 units, which is 06 times greater than the amount they had ever anticipated.

People who love the old Zelda games will definitelylove this one!